In this Sacrament of healing—also known as ‘confession’ or ‘penance’, we are reconciled to God, to the Church, and to others. It is Christ who forgives us our wrong and heals our wounded hearts. In the Roman Catholic tradition, we name our sins before the priest, who represents Christ and “bringing us His forgiveness, absolves us from our sins” in the name of the Lord. (The priest is under the “seal” of confession and may not, under any circumstances whatsoever, ever disclose to anyone what has been said).

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated every Saturday in private confession available from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the Old Mission Church. (The confessional is located to your immediate right as you enter the Church. Penitents have the option of face-to-face confession, or behind a screen).

We also schedule regular Penitential Services for the celebration in cooperation with other parishes in the City. These are organized during the Advent and Lenten seasons and may take place in the Old Mission Church or at another designated location. Check with the office for times and locations.

(Priests are also available by appointment)
For more information please contact:
Parish Office 805-682-4151×102