Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

May the Lord give you peace. I wanted to take this opportunity to communicate and share with you the joint meeting of the Pastoral Council and the Finance Committee’s meeting with Fr. Larry, Monica Orozco, and me on Tuesday night. I posed three questions ahead of time for each of them on which to reflect:

1. Their feelings about the Parish given the present reality,
2. What are their thoughts and ideas about how to bring about healing, and
3. What they individually were willing to do to provide the leadership and to walk with me and Fr. Larry along with the support of Monica to reenergize our parish community given these uncertain times.

It was a very open and honest discussion and the recommendations were very thoughtful and their was a general consensus of wanting to heal and move forward. As the saying goes, “Many hands make for light work.” There was also a feeling that we are all in this together and we will re-enkindle through the gift of the Holy Spirit which we received on Pentecost a renewed and vibrant Franciscan community.

All of their suggestions will be taken into consideration and a plan on how to move forward with be developed over the next several weeks and you will be kept informed of how the future will unfold.

I ask for your prayers and patience at this time as we move from the “good to the better,” quoting our former Minister

Fr. John, OFM